The Preemie Growth Project

Sharing Vital Information About Nutritional Issues for Premature Babies & Special Needs Children

For Your Doctor

We support your positive relationship with your doctor. Your doctor may or may not be aware of this information, but the reality is your doctor is going to be extremely cautious with the health of your child.

This is an EMERGING INTERVENTION. In a perfect world, it would be extensively studied. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet, despite years of attempts to get this formally studied both by this organization and dozens of other patients and medical providers.

No, it isn’t a conspiracy by “Big Pharma” – it is an issue with BUROCRACY and a small war between different types of physicians (google “MD vs ND vs DO” if you want to get a nice glimpse).

Your physician is looking for information from peer reviewed published research. The woman who figured this out is NOT a physician. You can read the story of how and why this project started HERE.

As a parent, you have choices: if you and your child can wait twenty years for this to be investigated appropriately, then do so.

If you can’t, you will need to take responsibility to be informed of the possible benefits AND RISKS (which are minimal, but do exist).

You can print off some information to share with your health care provider for assistance in making those decisions.

Good luck.