The Preemie Growth Project

Sharing Vital Information About Nutritional Issues for Premature Babies & Special Needs Children

The Simple Protocol

If your child shows symptoms of Trace Mineral Deficiency issues, the protocol is extraordinarily simple:

  • A good quality multivitamin

The big issues here are “absorbable” – for infants, your pediatrician will probably recommend Poly-Vi-Sol ( or an equivalent.  For older children, this is purely a “parental preference” issue; use your parental wisdom to choose one that works for your child, whether that be a nice liquid formula, or a flavored chewable brand.

  • A good quality probiotic (parental preference)
  • A good quality omega-3 (parental preference – tuna fish oil, cod-liver oil, etc.)


  • Liquid Trace Minerals (bolus dosing)

For Infants under 10 pounds, the only brand recommended (because it was used in the feasibility study) is “PDCM 72+” (available at search for PDCM 72) and administer at a dosage of 10% of one daily feeding.  For example, if your baby is taking 30ml of formula every three hours, your child will take 3ml of the PDCM once daily.

For children weighing more than 10 pounds, the recommendation is “one-and-a-half times the suggested adult dose”.  For the PDCM 72+ brand, that means 15ml (also known as “one tablespoon”) daily.